photo 2photo 5Six Simple Shipping Steps:

  • A shipping broker  can arrange for a CARNET: This is a Customs document which allows the owner to bring the boat into Canada without having to pay the VAT tax. Essentially it is a bond that the owner puts up.
  • To ship the boat in a 40′ HiCube open top container, the mast can be cut into two pieces with a sleeve arrangement for re-assembly. There are mast shops in Europe who can do this.
  • Preparations for shipping: simply need some type of cradle to set boat in, and tie down.
  • Time required for shipment:  Europe to Los Angeles is approx 28-30 days. Move container by ship to Vancouver another 20 odd day/Move container by railroad to Vancouver approx 10-12 days.
  • Unload and Reload in Vancouver:  Move to Yacht Club for races and back
  • Return shipment and offload:  reverse the steps

A ‘Hook to Hook’ service including these steps is being developed. 

 Please contact Peter Hofmann directly for shipping queries

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